How you can help Beonex

If you really want to contribute, there is surely no shortage of tasks. It requires some commitment of time and dedication, but there are lots of things you can help with without writing a single line of source code.

A huge issue for Beonex is to get attention from the press. My (Ben Bucksch's) time is limited and the fact that I am neither competent nor interested in public relations doesn't help either. So, if you could get some major mainstream press, from CNET over Washington Post to AP and Reuters, to report about us, that would be absolutely great and would help Beonex to carry on with its goals to provide users with software that acts for them.

I have been told that our website is really bad. (Maybe that contributes to the above problem.) Somebody could rework the structure, design and content. Less complex structure, more attractive (but still lean) design and more descriptions of what Beonex Communicator provides and why it's good.

Non-English speakers could adapt Mozilla translations for Beonex Communicator or translate the website.

If you or anybody else want to help with any of the above, please contact me. We desperately need help!