How to work with the source code of Beonex Communicator


Beonex Communicator is in the main Mozilla CVS repository now, as branch. This means that we can now easily share code between Beonex developers.

Checkout, build

Check out and build as you would Mozilla. Use the CVS tags BEONEX_0_8_BRANCH or BEONEX_0_9_BRANCH. Look at the README.txt at the top of the tree for further instructions (there are still a few minor gotchas).

Your changes

To get the changes you made yourself, just do cvs diff. As the Beonex source is in the tree, this will give you only your own changes made in your local working directory. Either mail them as diff to me or commit them directly (if you have OK from me and a CVS account).

Beonex changes

To get the difference between Beonex Communicator and Mozilla, do e.g.
cvs diff -uwN . -r MOZILLA_1_0_1_RELEASE -r BEONEX_0_8_BRANCH
The only gotcha is that the Mozilla tag has to match the last merge of the Beonex brach with the relevant Mozilla branch or you'll probably get the latest changes to the Mozilla branch as -.

Merge Mozilla changes

To update the Beonex branch to the latest Mozilla branch code (this won't happen automatically), cvs commit (or otherwise clean the tree from any local changes), merge the latest Mozilla code into the working directory (XXX how do I do that without changing the CVS info of my working dir?), fix the conflicts, test and cvs commit.

Creating a new Beonex release branch

To make a new Beonex branch (for a new major Mozilla release), see admin/newbranch.txt in the source tree.