We are accepting patches

Patch requirements

If you have a patch and have severe problems to get it into the Mozilla tree, you may want to ask the Beonex project to accept patch. Generally, we welcome patches under the following conditions: We are generally not interested in patches which are
Note that Beonex is not a "fork". We track Mozilla's progress and our changes are easy and ready to be integrated into Mozilla, if mozilla.org chooses so. In fact, Beonex Communicator currently lives as a branch in mozilla.org's CVS.

Checkin/Contributor requirements

In any case, if you submit code, we must have reasonable confidence in it. It is extremely important that no security holes sneak in (on accident or on purpose). You should meet at least one of the following criteria:
You notice that our checkin requirements are much less stringent than mozilla.org's. I (Ben Bucksch) do not believe in generally mandatory reviews, but in the responsibility of contributors. We can always back out checkins. If we have to do that several times for you, you will be punished by falling back to "unknown" status and thus having to have your patches reviewed by a well-known contributor.

Patches checked into the Beonex tree also must be approved by someone specifically authorized to do that. This approval basically just checks that the patch is a good idea at all and that all the requirements are met.

Feedback about these rules is welcome. It is in general a good idea to subscribe/post to the development lists, if you're interested in helping with Beonex development.