This is a preliminary website (and placeholder name) for a Mozilla-based browser I quickly made out of fun, targetted at beginning users.

I mean people who neither know much about how the Internet works nor want to learn much about it, at least not now. They just want to get the job done: usually find information, do online banking or write emails.

Consequently, I removed, without mercy, any and all features (from the UI) that these people would not care about or would not understand. It is our job to "make it work", e.g. to set reasonable defaults in the case of preferences. Tabs, sidebar, cookie manager, HTML composer and the like are all gone.

Not that somebody misunderstands me: Many of them are valueable features, which I would not want to miss myself. They are not valuable features for these people, however, and such features being available in the UI will only confuse people.

I believe that this browser has everything that such people will want from a browser (and which Mozilla can currently offer). They will not miss the features, but rather appreciate the "cleaned up" user interface.

I did this without looking at Phoenix, but looking at GeekWeb screenshot (ironic, isn't it?). When I was done, I compared the result with Phoenix and there was a lot of overlap (IMHO, this speaks for both "projects"). The prefs in BeOL are more finished, though.

BeOL mostly is feature complete, with one exception:

Should we decide to pursue this route, there would be several other things to be done, though:

Using extensions, we might eventually reach the functionality of Beonex Communicator again, making BOL the browser for all users. That might be a lot of work, though, and be a maintainance hell (what about new features added to Mozilla?).

Screenshots are at the main page.